Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas card show in Raleigh NC.

Well, last weekend, I was at the card show in Raleigh North Carolina, and I wanted to share some stuff that I got from it! My original plan was to go down and meet my friend William, from foulbunt, at the show so we could look around together. Unfortunately, plans changed and we weren't able to pull the plans together to make it work. I didn't bring much money this year, but with that being said, you will be surprised how nice the cards I got are. I got 5 singles and a box of 2012 Bowman Chrome...

This David Ortiz card from Topps Museum Collection was the first card I got at the show. I thought that it was a really pretty card and could be added to my Ortiz relic card PC.
This Nomar Garciaparra patch card caught my eye early on in the show, and I picked it up for a whopping 5 dollars. The card is numbered to 75 on the back. I dont have many cards in the way of Nomar, so I thought this card would be a nice edition to my collection.
Jim "Catfish" Hunter relic card, I got it for 5 dollars as well! I thought that the pinstripe gave this card some nice character.
This Nolan Reimold autograph card I got for a steal! Again, the magic number at this show seemed to be 5 dollars! With Reimold's talent and capabilities, I figured what the heck!? It's a beautiful card!
I have been wanting a Duke Snider autograph for a long time now, and I finally got one at this years show! This Duke Snider autographed bat card is from Topps Tribute and is numbered to 50. I thought it was a beautiful card, and I had to have it. I got it for 28 dollars, again a very reasonable price.
So you guys were probably wondering what I got out of my box of Bowman Chrome, the answer? Not a lot. I was a little bit dissapointed to find such a no name player on my autograph card, but better luck next time, right?
So that's about it guys, I had a lot of fun looking and talking to people down there. I would have had a whole lot more fun if William had been there, but I am planning on going to the spring show, so I will make sure I see him then. I hope you guys enjoyed the post, and that everybody has a wonderful holiday season! I hope that Santa Claus brings all the cards that are on your wish list, and I can't wait to see some posts from presents. Until then, have a happy and safe holiday season.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cards I have pulled from 2012 Topps Update series

So I have been buying cards like crazy lately, and I wanted to show off some of my better cards from the Update series from Topps this year. There is some really nice stuff in this product, and it's a great value if you buy it reatil. I have found that those $10 hanger boxes on the shelves have the best cards in them for your money. I tried a blaster, and pulled some decent stuff, but all you will see here is from 3 of those $10 boxes, a rack pack, and 1 blaster of 2012 Topps Update series. So lets get started!

                                             Here is what I have for the gold foil inserts...

Well, I was wondering where all of those gold foil inserts had gone to! (were serial numbered on the back) They are back and in full force! Thank you Topps! This was a very nice surprise.
These were the better Walmart exclusive blue border cards I have...I like the Gio Gonzalez the most.
The better Golden Moments cards I got. The Ortiz is pretty sweet looking.
Ughhh these god awful diamond thingies...Bautista is the better of the bunch.
These Blockbuster cards are the new insert in this years Update series. I must say, I kind of like these!
If you do get a blaster, the patch card is based on the Blockbusters insert card, looks pretty sweet! Beckett has since been traded to the Dodgers, but it was nice for the patch to be of a Red Sox player.
Some nice minis...I have two of the Lou Gherig if anybody is dying for one.
Here are some NICE random singles that I thought should have their own picture in this post...
Don't even ask, this Harper is dear to my collection already and it won't be leaving anytime soon! I thought this was a nice card to pull retail, especially since I had been wanting one.
Pulled this one in the same pack. I am still looking for the Harper with the rookie card logo on it, so if anybody has the normal base and not the All-star variation, let me know and we can set up a trade!
This Will Middlebrooks card is pretty nice I thought! Definitely will be holding on to this one.
Any of you Yoenis Cespedes fans out there? I have two of these nice looking Cespedes rookie debut cards so hit me up with an offer and we can work something out!
So out of two $10 hanger packs, I managed to pull two very nice short prints! This Clayton Kershaw is very nice!
The better of the two short prints is right below!
Nobody better than my favorite player, David Ortiz! This is by far the best card I have pulled reatil in Update this year. I thought the smile on Ortiz is priceless...
But that's not it!
I pulled this Dayton Moore manager autograph from the first retail $10 hanger box I opened! Pretty nice to see some ink in retail! This cards odds are 1:190 packs.
So that's about it guys, I would definitely say buy the $10 hanger packs! They have great value and have TONS of inserts! I will do another post this evening for my Bowman Chrome stuff. I hope you all enjoyed!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Trade with Joe Average Card Collector

So about a week ago, I set up this really awesome trade with Joe Average Card Collector. I got two cards for my Nationals PC, and I'm really loving them! Here they are!
The first was this Bryce Harper Silver Bowman Chrome insert card. It's a reatil exclusive with 3 cards to the set. The three cards all have the same image but feature different color backgrounds. (Red, Silver, and Gold) I have a Red bordered one, I got this Silver bordered one, and I'm supposed to be getting mail from a Youtuber (who will remain nameless) that will have the Gold variation of this Harper. So in theory, I have the set completed, I just don't know when this kid is going to send me my package...A word from the wise, DON'T BOTHER TRYING TO TRADE WITH KIDS ON YOUTUBE, IT'S NOT WORTH THE TIME AND EFFORT YOU WILL USE GETTING A TRADE OFF! All you will end up doing is frustrating yourself. Even so, if this kid does send me this package, this will be the FIRST Youtube trade I have ever made. Pretty sad seeing as I have been on Youtube for about two and a half years.
Here is the second card!
Anybody remeber the Red Hot Rookie Redemption in 2010? I saw this Strasburg rookie card and simply HAD to have it. It books around the $30 range, and is a hot looking card!
So I hope you guys enjoyed this post, or the last one, or whichever one. I haven't been on in a while because my views and comments have been WAY down. It's funny though because while my blog stats are down, my Youtube stats are skyrocketing! So I have been giving my Youtube channel a bit more attention...If you guys enjoy my posts, let me know, and I'll try to do more of them! Also my Youtube username is "baseball10182" Check me out! I don't know if I have it in me tonight, but I have a recap of a 2010 Hobby box break of  Topps Chrome to blog. Maybe that will be tomorrow nights post...Anyway, let me know what you think! Thanks guys!

2012 Topps Chrome Hobby box

Yes, I couldn't resist the Chrome again this year. So I went out Saturday and bought a 2012 Topps Chrome Hobby box with the birthday money I got from my parents. Thanks Mom and Dad! Here are the hits I got from the box. I think that overall, it was a pretty solid box of Chrome!

- Refractors -

Some pretty AWESOME refractors I got out of this box. The Jeter and Howard are the best ones.
 - X-fractors -
Well the best one here is without a doubt the Adrian Gonzalez. Too bad he doesn't play for the Red Sox anymore. Thanks Ben Cherington...
- Colored Refractors -
Jered Weaver Blue Refractor 108/199

Irving Falu RC Black Refractor 053/100

Justin Upton Gold Refractor 49/50

So I would say that the color was really nice out of this box. Now I would have liked for some ink to have appeared on one of them, but oh well, maybe that's in another box of Topps Chrome.

- Die-Cut -

You know, I have to say that I like the die-cuts in this years Chrome, but one per hobby box? Really Topps? hmmmm

- Autographs -

 This is where I think I did pretty well. The Brett Lawrie Auto for sure made the box, but the Jarrod Parker Auto was a nice addition. I think I got one of the better autographs from Brett Lawrie too, some of his autographs look kind of sloppy. So that's nice as well.

So of course, I saved Bryce Harper for last. I FINALLY pulled a rookie card of him. FINALLY!!!

Well, I really can't complain with this box break! It was pretty darn nice! Again, thanks Mom and Dad for the present! Hope you all enjoyed this one...


Package from William! (foulbunt)

What's up bloggers? It's been a while since I have done a post, so I thought I would get on and catch back up! To start things off, here is a sweet package from William!

Here is a Timeless Talents card of David Ortiz and Edgar Martinez. I don't have this one yet. (Yes even with all the packs of cards I bought out west) I like this card a lot though.

Here are some blasts from the past! This made me laugh William, I must say. These cards were GREAT for a chuckle. I mean, look at Rem-Dog! The mustache?!? And Terry? Priceless!!! I honestly think that Jerry Remy has to be one of the best baseball game announcers around. His laugh is contagious, and put him in the score box with Don Orsillo, and you have a CLASSIC combo...
The highlight of this package was definitely the Will Middlebrooks Bowman Platinum Prospect refractor. I had expressed interest in this card over a Facetime chat with William, and was NOT expecting to see it in my next package! Nice surprise, William! Thanks!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Some Ebay/Youtube pickups

Hey guys! Hope everybody is doing well out there in the blogosphere! Today I will be showing off some cards I havebought off of Youtube and Ebay with you. These two cards are really sweet, so here they are!

First card is a Ryan Lavarnway Autograph jumbo relic numbered to 199. Bought the card off of Ebay. Pretty cool card! Lavarnway will be Boston's future catcher I think, so hopefully he turns out to be a hustle hard playing player.

Talk about some serious patch mojo on this Ortiz Exquisite Collection triple patch card numbered to 25. Got it off a guy on Youtube for $33 dollars including shipping. I'm sorry guys, but that can NOT be beat! Hope you guys enjoyed, peace out!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Finishing my weekend off at War Memorial Stadium.

Another weekend went by, playing as hard as I could with as much enthusiasm as I could show. It was a long weekend, I'll just leave it at that. I got to pitch again today which brings me to my 4th outing with my RBA South showcase team. Hopefully it made an impression to any scouts who were there. I now hold a 0.00 ERA for my team and I feel better about my arm than I ever have before. I still haven't allowed a hit in any of my four outings which is a milestone for me, one that I will try to extend into next weekend when we are in Hampton Sydney Va. Anyway, I will show you some more pictures of the field and me. Feel free to comment!

 Some pictures from the skybox!

Still, this is the coolest stadium I have pitched in. The history itself was enough to sell it to me! Really cool that the coach gave me the opportunity to go out there and throw both days. I enjoyed it like nothing else, that's for sure!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Playing on a field that Hall of Famers have played on...

Well today I had my first college showcase elite games for my new team! It was an awesome experience playing in front of scouts, and one that will be enjoyed ten more times for me this fall season around various colleges in Virginia. The experience of playing in front of scouts was amazing, but perhaps it was the charm of the stadium I pitched at that made it even better. It was an old stadium that was built in 1948 that underwent rennovations a while back for a minor league ball club called the Peninsula Pilots. The stadium has OBVIOUSLY been taken great care of as you will see in pictures below. It has seen some of the GREATS play under the lights there. For example, Johnny Bench, Johnny Podres, Satchel Paige (threw last pitch on that mound!), Lou Piniella, Gary Carter, Hal McRae, Julio Franco, Ryan Zimmerman, and many other MLB players have all played on this very field. It was unbelieveable to play on a field that has brought up so many legends...I mean, I pitched off a mound today that Satchel Paige threw his last pitch on! Wow, just wow...Here are some pics of the stadium and a link to a video about the history of the stadium.

 Standing at third base, where Ryan Zimmerman among other greats have played.
 Pitching on a mound that Hall of Famers have pitched on...just AWESOME!

All in all this is just a wicked awesome experience for me. I'm pitching better than I ever have on a showcase team, and playing in front of scouts on a field used by some of the legends in baseball. How much more could I ask for? I even had a kid come up to me after the game looking for an autograph...I'll be playing here again tomorrow too! Well guys, hope you enjoyed! I will have more pictures tomorrow that I will blog. Until then, see ya! The link to this video on the history of the field is below.