Thursday, July 25, 2013

David Ortiz PC Mailday

So yesterday, in the mail, came the new addition to my David Ortiz PC. I spent $105 on this card and it was worth every penny of that. Just an absolutely beautiful card.

It won't scan because it is graded, but this is about the best picture I could get of it. It is a David Ortiz 2009 Triple Threads sapphire auto seven piece relic card serial numbered 1/3. It is just a dirty card in person. That is all there is to say about it! 

Let me know what you think, and as always, thanks for the read!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Visiting William in Winterville, NC

So on Saturday, I was supposed to be visiting my friend William, from the blog foulbunt, at a card show in Raleigh NC that we usually meet up at. This ended up being a major bust because at some point before Friday when I checked to make sure the show was still on, I discovered the disheartening fact that the show had been moved out to Hickory NC. I quickly notified William, and we re-planned what and how we were going to do things. I'll just say that I'm very glad that our original plans did not work out, and while browsing at the show would have been nice, what we ended up doing resulted in a much more enjoyable and fun time.

So what we ended up doing was me driving down to William's house so we could cool our heels, visit local card shops, break a box of cards together, and just talk baseball. Upon arrival to William's house, we all piled into my dad's Mustang, and he directed us to a very tasty sandwich shop in the downtown area. When we were finished eating, we started hitting the card shops. The first was in Kinston. Here are some of the things I picked up.

This is a 2008 Topps David Ortiz World Baseball Classic card. I have never run into one before, so now was the time to buy it.

Here is a beautiful David Ortiz chrome heritage card from Topps. I really like this card and was glad to pick it up.

This is a Bowman Platinum Emerald parallel that I really like!

This is a really cool moments and milestones card of Ortiz I picked up. It is serial numbered to just 29 and I got it for one dollar!

Here is a nice relic card from Sweet Spot of Nomar Garciaparra that I got for 5 dollars. Very nice design on this one.

So this Vernon Wells jersey card is normally supposed to be pretty lame. It's numbered to 250 on the back, but still...Take a closer look. 

This would be the button hole to one of his jerseys! Gives this card some very nice character I think. 

So now I resume my story! We then went to another card shop located about 15 minutes from Williams house, it was a nice card shop too, I just needed to watch how much I spent because there was a card on eBay I was going to bid on. William and I also split the cost of a box of gypsy queen, so I had spent a little bit. ( I won the auction, and will make another blog post when the card comes.) So all I got at this card shop were two packs of cards, and This Ortiz card pictured below.

This Topps Chrome David Ortiz die cut card is very sharp. I'm very glad to have found it! 

So the results of the Gypsy Queen box we bought were quite satisfying! I will post pictures of the cards I got, and will list the ones William got. 

Cards William pulled: Yu Darvish SUPER SHORT PRINT, Matt Adams autograph, and a nice Freddie Freeman framed relic card along with some nice short prints.

Here is what I made out with from the box.

Willie Mays SP.

Nick Maronde SP.

Adam Eaton SP ( You will see him again).

Mike Trout mini SP.

Yogi Berra mini SP.

Eddie Mathews mini SP.

Matt Moore Blue Paper parallel numbered to /499.

Bobby Doerr Red Sox black mini parallel numbered to /199.

Raul Ibanez sepia mini parallel numbered to /50.

Freddie Freeman framed relic card.

Danny Espinosa relic card.

And this nice, or was nice, Adam Eaton autograph card that I need to send back to Topps.

This is the damage on the autograph card.

So that is the breakdown of the Gypsy Queen box that we broke. A very solid box of cards indeed! 

William is just an awesome friend for having me over into his house and showing me his badass collection. This will definitely need to become a more regular thing that we do, because that was just a really great time with a really great friend! Everybody try and let me know what you think of this post, and be ready for a SICK post in a couple of days. As always, thanks for the read, and I hope everybody has a great evening.