Monday, January 30, 2012

Index cards for autographs!

Made a bunch of cards to get autographs on! All I did was print out the names of the players, the teams they currently play for, and the date they will be signed, cut them out, and I taped it on the back of the card! This way I can keep track of who signed what! I believe there are 11 in total. This is what each ( back of index card) looks like. The front is plain white.

Pre - Signing materials

 Adam Jones print-outs...(still not drying!!!!! Any advice???)
 Adam Jones printouts...(still not drying!!!!! Any advice???)
 Willie Bloomquist photo
 Willie Bloomquist photos and cards
 Adam Jones cards
 Adam Jones
Hey guys! Just thought I would take a before and after picture of the stuff I plan on getting signed! This is either going to be a BIG success, or it's going to be a major failure. I plan on getting autographs for several friends too, so that will be my first priority!

Skip Schumaker 2012 base card!!

So apparently this is going to be a short print variation of Skip Schumaker!! AWESOME!!! Topps 2012 is scheduled to be released this Wednesday! Anybody remeber this? I DO!! hahaha Thanks Topps! You made my day!

Friday, January 27, 2012

My latest Mailday!!!

These would be the three cards I am recieving for a Zach Britton rc and a Nolan Reimold rc refractor
 Signed baseball from Jesse Mier - Lookouts catcher. Thanks William for including it! It has already found a spot on my shelves!
Signed baseball from William! This ball features the autographs of Robert Andino, Lou Montarez and Josh bell! I love this ball and would not trade it for anything! (Josh Bell auto - not pictured)
 Another pic of the Andino and Montarez autos!
The Josh Bell autograph on the other side of the baseball! Really pretty Autograph!
Jason Berken Autogrpahed postcard! Have to give my friend William all the credit for all the autographs pictured above! Without him, I would not have any of this! Thanks man!! Best mail day ever!! Sick!!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hand numbered card from Allen and Ginter

My ONLY hand numbered card from Allen and Ginter. Ohhh and did I mention the fact that it was from my first pack of Ginter I had ever opened? Pulled from retail...   18/50

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                                                                I will return the favor!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Stephen Strasburg rc display!!!

Finally found a way to display my Stephen Strasburg rc's!!! The base card was from a pack I bought from the dollar tree. The pack was warped so curiosity got the best of me. I figured for a dollar..... you simply can't go wrong! The orange bordered refractor I bought from my friend William down in Raleigh at a card show.

My very own Derek Jeter 1/1!!!!!!!

Hey Yankees fans! Got bored with some Jeter base cards so I decided to create my own 1/1!!!!! This card is for trade or sale if anybody wants it. I think it would be a cool novelty item if your a Derek Jeter fan. The relic in the card is not authentic.....just thought I would get that cleared up now! hahahaha
This is a card that I also found while cleaning up! This is a Gary Geiger Topps card. It is in practically mint condition! I need a little help Identifying what year this card is from, but im guessing mid sixties...please help me with the date! Thanks!
Pulled out some of my older cards in my collection! This is a 1955 Topps Mel Parnell card. I had forgotten I even owned this! It's amazing what you can find when you do a little cleaning!

Bowman Chrome recap.

Cliff Lee, Ryan Tatusko, and Delino Deshields Jr.

The rest of the cards that were in the pack of Bowman Chrome.

The rare but existing flaws of Topps---Bowman Chrome

Not often do you come across a pack of Topps cards that have any damaged cards in them. I got one though! At the top corner of the card you can see that the corner has been munched on this Cliff Lee card. If im going to pay 3 dollars for three cards I want the cards to be in half decent shape!

Got a pack of some bowman chrome on sat. I was a little disappointed to see that one of the cards was ruined in the pack! Will Topps replace the pack if I send it in? does anybody have any previous experience with this? please email me or comment to let me know! Thanks!

My kirk gibson autographed photo!

Friday, January 20, 2012

I don't think there is such a thing as a hotpack at Walmart. I have never ever found anything good there! One time I found an autograph card on the floor! (but other than that) Walmart sucks for pack searching. Hahaa it's just a frustrating waste of time.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Just thought about something that would really be cool for the hobby of baseball cards!! Do you ever wonder when you pull a serial numbered card out of a pack how many more of that serial numbered insert are left out there in packs waiting to be found? Would it not be awesome if there was a sight that you could check off a serial numbered card that you pulled so you could see exactly how many have been pulled and how many are left out there to be found? Now obviously this would not be exact because everybody wouldn't enter their card, but I just thought this was a neat idea. Because I was admiring my latest autograph card this morning (blue bordered Michael Pineda auto chrome)and it is numbered to 199. I was wondering, I wonder how many of these cards have actually been found?!? For all I know only 50 may CURRENTLY exist! Just thought this was an interesting idea. thought this was "blog worthy" anyways let me know what you think!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Shoutout to my friend William for trying to help me get some followers!!! Thanks man!!
Went to the hobby store today and picked ONE pack of 2011 Topps chrome and two update series packs. I THINK I SCORED!! autographed blue refractor of Michael Pineda! number 176/199. visit my channel on youtube to watch the vid. of it!