Saturday, March 24, 2012

A blast from the past! (or not)

While digging around through the attic today, I found a Manny Ramirez rookie card packed away in all my stuff! We all now look at Manny Ramirez of being a steroid user and a cheater, but some forget to credit him for the skill and effort he put into his rookie season. Although he has decided to come back and play another year of MLB baseball for the Athletics, he was still a major force on the 2004 and 2007 Red Sox championship teams. And without Man-Ram, I don't think we would have broken the curse. For the MANNY (no pun years of service Manny, I must thank you. Here is his Rookie Revue card from 94 Donruss.

My thoughts on the NEW 2012 Topps Heritage baseball

While I love the card design on the new 2012 Topps Heritage this year, I'm not too impressed on the relic card odds and insert odds. As of right now, (having looked at many videos of this product being busted) I'm not toooo thrilled about it! Already, there are 2 or 3 videos of HOBBY HERITAGE missing the ONE hit guaranteed on youtube!! Come on Topps! You can't even put in the 1 lame hit into a box of cards somebody just payed 100 dollars for?? A word to the wise! If you want, and are looking for certain inserts/relics, BUY THEM FROM EBAY OR SHOWS! Trust me, your money will be MUCH better spent this way! Sorry for the rant, I will move on to the ONE pack of 2012 Heritage I got.

As you can see, these cards are in NO way bad!! But for 3 dollars a pack, the odds of you getting a half decent insert are VERY slim. Not the way it should be. I guess I feel like there is WAY too much base, and not enough inserts. Dont get me wrong, I love the design, but the odds of pulling something good, SUCK. I was lucky enough to get this one red bordered SP of Justin Verlander!

2012 Topps baseball

Here are some things I have pulled from 2012 Topps baseball this year! Please keep in mind, I have only purchased 7 or 8 packs of this product.
 Casey McGehee Golden Moments Jersey card (NOT for trade)
Some simple inserts. Drew, you have first dibbs on Yankees if you want them.

2011 Topps Update Value box

Just recently, I had a desire to get a box of cards from wal-mart. I was fed up with all the drama and work from school, so I drove out and came home with a box of 2011 Topps update value box. While I wasn't expecting much, I was still hoping for something nice. Well, as you can see below, I did end up with some nice stuff!
I was quite surprised to find a die cut card in the Chrome! As most of you know, I can never seem to pull ANY Red Sox cards, so it was fitting that the die cut would be of a Yankee. Not complaining though! As the die cut is of a Yankees prospect, Jesus Montero. Also I think I have fallen in love with the Bryce Harper card. Most of everything is up for trade here except for the Montero, Harper, and the Colon. (One of my friends has first dibbs on Yankees cards I pull) Anyways, I was quite surprised to get these nice cards out of wal-mart. It was VERY nice to get my hands on some packs, and some cards, in plastic.

William's generous packages.

Wheww! Where to start with all of this catch up work on the blog? In respect of my awesome friend, William, I'll have to start with the packages he has sent to me. This is my first real post in a couple of months and I want to dedicate it to my spectacular friend, William. While I have not been active in the blogging/trading department for some time now, my friend William has been thoughtful enough to send me packages through my drought in the baseball card world. For that, I thank you! It's always nice to have something coming in the mail from your friends, while you battle mountains of homework at school. So right now, I'm going to share with you some the highlights of the many packages he has sent me over the past several months. Not only has he sent me these awesome cards below, he fills up the packages with base, and inserts from the Red Sox!
Here are the cards I said I would share with you above. All of these cards have found spots in binders etc. and are NOT for trade. I especially love the vintage Red Sox team picture card from 1962 Topps. Also the Yastrzemski is VERY eyecatching! I guess what I wanted to say was, William is an awesome guy. And even though he isn't getting anything for the stuff he sends me, he still keeps his eye out for cards he thinks I will like at shows and card shops. Let me just say that you have some mail coming your way William!! Thanks for everything! I truly appreciate it!

LONG time since my last blog!

First off, I would like to say I'm sorry for all who follow my blog, and have been dissapointed about it's lifelessness the past several months. I have been VERY busy and haven't even really had time to set up any trades! Now that things are slowing down for the time being, I'm going to try to start making blog posts a little bit more often. Tonight, I am going to start the blog off again with some packages that have generously been mailed from friends, and cards I have picked up the last several months. I hope that everyone will enjoy, and once again, I'm sorry.