Saturday, March 24, 2012

My thoughts on the NEW 2012 Topps Heritage baseball

While I love the card design on the new 2012 Topps Heritage this year, I'm not too impressed on the relic card odds and insert odds. As of right now, (having looked at many videos of this product being busted) I'm not toooo thrilled about it! Already, there are 2 or 3 videos of HOBBY HERITAGE missing the ONE hit guaranteed on youtube!! Come on Topps! You can't even put in the 1 lame hit into a box of cards somebody just payed 100 dollars for?? A word to the wise! If you want, and are looking for certain inserts/relics, BUY THEM FROM EBAY OR SHOWS! Trust me, your money will be MUCH better spent this way! Sorry for the rant, I will move on to the ONE pack of 2012 Heritage I got.

As you can see, these cards are in NO way bad!! But for 3 dollars a pack, the odds of you getting a half decent insert are VERY slim. Not the way it should be. I guess I feel like there is WAY too much base, and not enough inserts. Dont get me wrong, I love the design, but the odds of pulling something good, SUCK. I was lucky enough to get this one red bordered SP of Justin Verlander!

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William Regenthal said...

That is a sweet Verlander.