Friday, January 27, 2012

My latest Mailday!!!

These would be the three cards I am recieving for a Zach Britton rc and a Nolan Reimold rc refractor
 Signed baseball from Jesse Mier - Lookouts catcher. Thanks William for including it! It has already found a spot on my shelves!
Signed baseball from William! This ball features the autographs of Robert Andino, Lou Montarez and Josh bell! I love this ball and would not trade it for anything! (Josh Bell auto - not pictured)
 Another pic of the Andino and Montarez autos!
The Josh Bell autograph on the other side of the baseball! Really pretty Autograph!
Jason Berken Autogrpahed postcard! Have to give my friend William all the credit for all the autographs pictured above! Without him, I would not have any of this! Thanks man!! Best mail day ever!! Sick!!!!

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William Regenthal said...

I'm glad you enjoyed! I'm sure there will be other maildays that will surpass this one!