Thursday, July 25, 2013

David Ortiz PC Mailday

So yesterday, in the mail, came the new addition to my David Ortiz PC. I spent $105 on this card and it was worth every penny of that. Just an absolutely beautiful card.

It won't scan because it is graded, but this is about the best picture I could get of it. It is a David Ortiz 2009 Triple Threads sapphire auto seven piece relic card serial numbered 1/3. It is just a dirty card in person. That is all there is to say about it! 

Let me know what you think, and as always, thanks for the read!


J. Meeks said...

Great card! If you are interested, I have a 2012 Topps David Ortiz All Star Swatches card (you can see it here that I am more than happy to part with. I don't need much for it, and I would prefer to send it to someone that will put it in a collection rather than just flip it to someone else!

Scott Hubbard said...

I am definitely interested in it, and the auto blue refractor chrome of the other Red Sox pitcher. Lmk man! Thank you for letting me know. :)