Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Great day pulling cards!

Well, the hobby has been quite kind to me today. From trade packages, to getting three hits out of boxes bought from Wal-Mart, to striking up some friendly conversations through Youtube. Without a doubt, today has been the best day pulling cards for me in quite some time. check out some of the stuff I got from Wal-Mart today!

This nice Cespedes blue bordered card came out of one of those 2012 Update series hanger boxes.

Bowman Platinum is a product I have done very well with this year. This Byron Buxton was pulled retail in the same package that had two autographs in it!

Not a superstar, but I still love getting ink. This Nate Roberts card looks very sharp in person.

Also, not a superstar, but I still can't get over how sharp these cards from Bowman Platinum look this year!

I got an All Star Stitches relic card of Mike Napoli out of the hanger box too! There is a bad feature to this card though. Look more closely...

It looks worse in person, but yes, Topps ruined a perfectly good card.....AGAIN! Topps' QC can't be too great, I seem to be pulling all of the cards that were nice until Topps manhandled them....I'm still debating on whether or not I should send this back. I'm leaning towards yes, but any suggestions??

Very bad scan of this card, but take my word for it...I'ts pretty nice. This came in a trade package from a buddy on Youtube. Since Victorino has been pretty hot in the Sox organization this year, I figured I would add something nice to my collection with his name on it.

So that will do it for tonight. Let me know what you think about the cards, and as always, everybody have a nice night!

1 comment:

Cory said...

I had a Kershaw card like the Napoli.

Hideous card but it was okay on the edges but all four corners were dinged.


Topps knows they can have these cards go out the door because they will all sell.

I wish Fleer was still around.