Friday, August 23, 2013

Antique pick ups in Rhode Island

So on my trip to visit colleges in New England, I visited a really nice antique mall after visiting Bryant University in Rhode Island. It turned out to be a terrible day to visit the school, as it rained practically the entire time, but as it turns out, I really liked the school. Bentley University in Waltham, MA is still my favorite of the three I visited, but it really was a nice school. So anyway, not the most practical day for college visits, but a PERFECT day to do some antiquing. I picked up some very nice things that I am going to share with you.

I know this isn't a blog about coins, but I do still collect them, and have since I was about 8 years old. I saw some of these nice coins on display and for a grand total of 65 cents, I wasn't going to pass them up.

A 1942 penny that in person looks like it is in really nice shape.

And this nice 1950 San Francisco mint marked wheat penny.

In my change I also got an error state quarter. It's worth about $20 from what I see on the Bay, but take a look at it yourself! The error is called a "cud". When there appears to be extra metal on the coin that has not been printed. It happens when a piece of the die falls off the stamp, and when the stamp comes down to strike the coin, the metal fills into the empty space that was once the complete die leaving that strange looking metal piece on the rim.

Here you can see the error on the bottom left hand side of the coin towards the rim. I put it in a quarter case just because I thought it was worthy of being kept nice.

So now, on with the baseball content! This was a really nice day for me baseball wise. I picked up two really nice pieces that I thought I got pretty nice deals on. 

How about this Goose Gossage autographed baseball for $40? I fell in love with this ball the moment I saw it. I worked the guy down from $100 so I felt pretty satisfied. This is a must have for any baseball memorabilia collector. Gossage, in my opinion has one of the nicest autographs besides Carlton Fisk's. Just really nice penmanship... It was signed on a MLB practice ball shown below.

So this next item is being put on the wall with all of my other Red Sox memorabilia. 

Yessssir! Wade Boggs autographed baseball card on a plaque for $20! I know what everyone is going to say.....It's not certified!!! No, it isn't, but I checked it to his autographs and it appears as though this card was signed when he was actually playing. His autographs got a little sloppy after he hung up his cleats, but while he was playing, they looked exactly like the one above. This is definitely legit.

Here is a close up on it

You can compare it to the picture below.

This was some type of check that Boggs had signed in 1986 WHILE he was still playing. Notice that it looks very reminiscent of the one I bought. I found this picture on the Internet, but clearly, they look almost exactly alike. (Minus the middle initial).

Hopefully everyone enjoyed. Please let me know what you guys think on these items. I love to hear from the people who read my blog! It makes it a little but more fun for me to know that people are interested in what I'm showing off. I hope everybody has a nice evening, I'm out!

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