Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2012 Topps Chrome Hobby box

Yes, I couldn't resist the Chrome again this year. So I went out Saturday and bought a 2012 Topps Chrome Hobby box with the birthday money I got from my parents. Thanks Mom and Dad! Here are the hits I got from the box. I think that overall, it was a pretty solid box of Chrome!

- Refractors -

Some pretty AWESOME refractors I got out of this box. The Jeter and Howard are the best ones.
 - X-fractors -
Well the best one here is without a doubt the Adrian Gonzalez. Too bad he doesn't play for the Red Sox anymore. Thanks Ben Cherington...
- Colored Refractors -
Jered Weaver Blue Refractor 108/199

Irving Falu RC Black Refractor 053/100

Justin Upton Gold Refractor 49/50

So I would say that the color was really nice out of this box. Now I would have liked for some ink to have appeared on one of them, but oh well, maybe that's in another box of Topps Chrome.

- Die-Cut -

You know, I have to say that I like the die-cuts in this years Chrome, but one per hobby box? Really Topps? hmmmm

- Autographs -

 This is where I think I did pretty well. The Brett Lawrie Auto for sure made the box, but the Jarrod Parker Auto was a nice addition. I think I got one of the better autographs from Brett Lawrie too, some of his autographs look kind of sloppy. So that's nice as well.

So of course, I saved Bryce Harper for last. I FINALLY pulled a rookie card of him. FINALLY!!!

Well, I really can't complain with this box break! It was pretty darn nice! Again, thanks Mom and Dad for the present! Hope you all enjoyed this one...


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