Monday, September 16, 2013

Some Trade Packages and The Red Sox!

   Hey guys! I have some nice trade packages to review with you this evening. I have been doing lots of trading on Youtube and off of my blog, I am very thankful for this. If anybody would like to set up a trade with me, all you need to do is comment or shoot me an email, and I will be back to you pretty shortly!

   Secondly, I have been filling out college applications....enough to make me want to put a gun to my head, trust me. Some of my friends who are feeling the same way have been asking me why I haven't been phased by all of the hard work and ridiculous applications yet. My answer is "the Red Sox".

   Yes, I have been an extremely happy baseball fan. I mean, this squad is reminding me of the 2004 Red Sox World Series team. They have been amazing me day after day, and week after week. I have been watching every game like I'm addicted. In fact, I am addicted. I simply can't stop thinking about how special the team is this year. They have gelled, and they seem to be having no trouble putting any team to rest. I can't wait for the playoffs, as I have high hopes for the Sox this year.

So here are some of the cards that I have acquired.

So my buddy William should remember when I sent this autograph card out to Topps. I finally got it back, and in a decent amount of time, too! I saw on Sportscenter that he clocked a 24 mph base running speed running around 3rd base a little while back. That is simply crazy if Eaton did actually run almost 25 mph.

I got this nice Jamie Callahan autograph card thrown into a package from Youtube. This auto is really cheap on eBay, but the kid is 18 years old and has a fastball that tops out at 94 mph!! That's pretty bad ass if you ask me. Callahan is somebody new in the Sox organization that I will definitely start following now. I think someday he may get his chance in the big leagues, hopefully in a Red Sox uniform.

My friends and close friends know that I am NOT a big fan of Jacoby Ellsbury. In fact, I hope we rid ourselves of his soon to become free agent, good for nothing, choker under pressure self. The way he has been performing the last couple months seems to be a fluke. The only thing he is good for is outfield and stealing bases, but if you can't hit your way out of a damn wet paper bag, you can't very well steal bases... But what the hell, I figured I would get a card of Ellsbury seeing as I only have one other Ellsbury bat card. The guy wanted nothing for this card, so no losses for me.

And of course another addition to my David Ortiz PC. This is a Diamond Kings blue parallel dual relic card /100. God I love collecting David's cards. This is a guy I will need to meet at some point in my life. I just love the way he plays the game. He was such an inspiration to me in my baseball career, and I continue to follow him almost obsessively. Just a really awesome guy I think. I am looking to add a BIG card to this PC for my birthday in October if it is still on ebay then. It's a little overpriced, but sometimes you just have to get what you want...

I will be putting together a post of my David Ortiz PC tonight, and I urge everybody to check it out. Thank you all for reading, and keep your eyes peeled for the PC post! Thanks guys! 

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