Tuesday, September 3, 2013

So just recently, I did some trading with some Bloggers and Youtubers. Just some nice pieces to add to my Red Sox PC that I picked up for some good deals. Here they are!

First, this Mike Napoli 15 piece relic card from 2012 Topps Triple Threads /27. I really like Napoli, but will admit that I was very weary about his injury prone hip when we signed him. That hip has held him back from producing great numbers MANY times with the Rangers. The injury bug doesn't seem to have gotten him while in Boston yet, but I think eventually we are going to have some problems with his hip. I hope that he has some solid years in Boston, though, because I really enjoy watching him play.

This Jonny Gomes autograph was another nice pickup I thought. Gomes has actually really surprised me this year. I guess I didn't think much of him, and didn't really care much for the contract that brought him here to Boston, but I have come to like him. Beautiful card, though!

I really like this Jake Peavy Upper Deck Antiquity patch card /50. Just look at all the detail in the patch swatch. Peavy was another guy that I liked the idea of coming to Boston. Great pitcher, lots of potential and talent, but I didn't like what we gave up for him. Our prospect at shortstop, Jose Iglesias, was shipped to Detroit for Peavy...

This card was a must have for a TRUE Boston fan. Although Youkilis was traded to the White Sox and then to the Yankees, I'm not holding anything against him. Thing is, is that nobody can deny him his hard work, team spirit, go gettem' attitude, and not to mention all the positive contributions he made to the 2007 Red Sox World Series Championship team. Youkilis won't be remembered for the seasons he has played with Chicago and New York, rather, the Red Sox. We just couldn't keep on holding onto an injury prone player. Unfortunately, Youk just didn't make the cut...

So I hope everybody enjoyed. It isn't much, but it's all I could muster up for tonight. School has started, and so has my senior year, which means applications, applications and more applications to get together. I will be very busy this year, but you had best believe I will be surrounding myself with this great hobby whenever I have a chance to. Anyway, thanks for the read! And GO SOX!!!

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William Regenthal said...

Awesome cards man. I really like that Peavy. It looks great.