Monday, February 18, 2013

My 2013 Topps Series One Collection.

Back again guys, this time with opinions and a brief overview of my favorite cards from 2013 Topps so far. I must say, I'm really excited about this product from Topps, it's just really hot! Well I'm not going to waste any time jumping into some of my personal favorites, so enjoy!

This Jurickson Profar rookie card is pretty awesome, seeing as he is one of the top rookie prospects this year, I love the card!
Notice something wrong about this gold foil card? No name and no Topps logo. Error cards are cool, just hope that they aren't too common in this years Topps products. (this card should have the Topps logo and Shelby Miller printed on the front)
These emerald sparkle cards are awesome! I really love the color of emerald and have always been a sucker for green, so way to go Topps! I thought this Yu Darvish was nice and I also really liked this Sean Marshall as well. (you may be wondering who Sean is and why I like him. It's because I know him personally and have taken pitching lessons with him)
Short print of Jon Jay. Pretty cool on the "Out of Bounds" theme for the short prints, I like them!
Eric Hosmer "Out of Bounds" short print.
Mike Moustakas "Out of Bounds" short print.
Mark Reynolds "Out of Bounds" short print. (William over at foulbunt has already traded me for this card)
Chasing the Dream relic card of Matt Moore. The relic designs for this years series one and two are looking HOT!
Cut To The Chase die cut cards look really cool! Brett Lawrie is probably the best one I have there. I have two of Cargo, and two of Berkman if anybody is interested in a trade...
So this card has seemed to spark quite a lot of arguements on Youtube already...people are bickering about whether or not it's a "1/1". Personally I think it is. Here, take a closer look....
This is what the serial number on the back reads. (0001/2013) So what do you guys think? I think it is cool! 1/1? I have no idea now....I always thought when you got number one out of a serial number it was unique and was a "1/1"....Please, let me know what you all think about it though, because at this rate, I have no idea whether it's even relevant or not. I had to remove 2 videos from Youtube already because of trashy choice comments shot back in forth between two users (who will remain nameless). One arguing about it being a 1/1, and the other arguing that it wasn't a 1/1...I have no clue anymore so if somebody can clarify, that would be greatly appreciated.
So I hope this was a somewhat enjoyable post for you fellow bloggers, let me know what you think, and if you like anything let me know! I'm always down for a trade. Thanks for reading and if you haven't already, please subscribe. Thank You guys!


William Regenthal said...

Nah, I wouldn't say it is a true 1/1. Heck, even printing plates numbered 1/1 aren't even 1/1s, since there are 5 or 6 different plates used. Anyway, it is a cool novelty, but I wouldn't call it a 1/1. Then you sound like one of 'those guys' on Ebay trying to make an extra buck. You don't want to be one of 'those guys.'

AdamE said...

I call it an "Ebay 1/1" but not a real 1/1.

Unknown said...

Its not a real 1/1 because that's like saying a 176/350 is a 1/1 just because there's not a another 176.