Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My thoughts on 2012 Topps Allen and Ginter

Well, here we are again looking at another stellar Allen and Ginter product from Topps! This product just never seems to get old to me. The base lineup this year is very solid, as are the mini cards. The mini cards have a nice looking design on them this year! Especially the black bordered ones! All in all, I think this is another good-looking line of Ginter! Well worth a try at the Bryce Harper autograph or maybe even the Yu Darvish! Also, Bryce and Yu are in the base set, mini set, and parallel insert set. So there will be no shortage of nice rookie cards. Here is what I got from a rackpack. (Waited at the hobby store today for 2 hrs, waiting for the shipment of Ginter to come in from UPS. Never did show up, so I got a rack pack instead)

You can't really tell in this scan, but my first card of 2012 ginter was NOT good. This card looks like the machines at Topps got hungry for a Todd Helton base card! Creases EVERYWHERE and it even has cuts and random ink all over! The card is so bent it doesn't even lay flat. The cards behind it made up for this one though :)

This is the solid base card lineup I was talking about earlier! Pretty design for this years Ginter base cards! Nice job Topps!

This is what the black bordered mini's look like this year! WOW! Nice design as well! Loving this product more and more, the more I post about it.

This is what the base mini cards look like. Not as exciting as the black bordered, but still nice!

This is the insert that you will get in every pack. Probably a nice insert set to build if you're interested in the insert cards themselves.

And of course...What card have I pulled a ROOKIE of, out of every Topps product this year?

First pack of 2012 Ginter...and I have already gotten myself the Yu Darvish rookie card.

BEAUTIFUL!!!! It's funny, this morning at the breakfast table I was looking at cards on ebay, and I saw the Yu and Bryce. And I wondered hmmm I wonder how long it will take me to knock both of those rookies off my want list from this year's Ginter. Well, one is already knocked out now. Now the only other rookie I need to knock off Ginter, is the Bryce Harper rookie card. That's the one I really want!

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William Regenthal said...

I'll end up getting a pack or two. The design is nice. I don't think A&G is near as exciting as it was when it rolled out in 2006, but maybe that's just me.