Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Heritage Hobby packs...2012 Topps

Well, dropped into the hobby store today looking for some 2012 Ginter, but I didn't find any. (sad face) The UPS guy was slow AGAIN and the delivery just wasn't in time. I did manage to get my hands on some nice packs though. Some Bowman Chrome from 2011 as well! That will be a separate post though. Anyways, I waited in the shop for about 2 hrs. before I gave up waiting for the shipment of Ginter to come in. The owner and I had some nice conversation about cards, and baseball in general, so that 2 hrs didn't seem like long. So I bought the last 3 packs of Topps Heritage. The owner said she knew that the relic was in one of those last three packs, because she had seen all the packs opened in the store. So I just bought all three to ensure I got the relic. I did, and a decent one too! Here are some of the highlighted cards from those three packs.

How about starting off with 2 shortprints? Not too shabby!

These were some nice inserts for Heritage I thought! I like the 2011 batting leaders card a lot because it has Adrian Gonzalez and Jacoby Ellsbury on it.

A king Felix mini sticker card, and some notable base cards.

A black parallel of Austin Jackson. Nice card! but I thought these were retail exclusive. hmm looks like I have some researching to do.

This was the relic that I was gauranteed by buying the last three packs of the box. I can't complain with a B.J. Upton bat relic card. He is a hustle player, as is his brother Justin. Nice looking card!

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