Sunday, June 26, 2016

David Ortiz Relic, Patch, and Autograph Collection.

    Ortiz's final season is now underway with the Boston Red Sox, and I must say, it is a difficult thing to watch progress (as are the 2016 Boston Red Sox). I know that at the end I will be emotional, as I'm sure Ortiz will be as well. I will be in good company, though, as all of Red Sox Nation will be missing him. I'm just praying for an All-Star Game appearance, and a lot more homer-runs before he is officially retired.

    With a final season like Ortiz's in the works, this means that his sports card prices will be highly inflated. With this in mind, I will probably not be seeing many BIG additions to the Big Papi collection of mine. As of right now, these are most of the game-used (bat and jersey) and autographed cards of Ortiz that I have amassed over about six years of collecting his higher-end cards. I hope you enjoy seeing them just as much as I have enjoyed having them in my collection.

**Note** All cards pictured below contain game-used materials from David Ortiz's personally worn/used items as well as autographs personally signed by Ortiz himself. Most cards have serial numbered production run stamps that signify how many copies were produced. Nothing is for sale!

The next two pictures of Ortiz cards feature pieces of event-used All Star Game festivities jersey from various All Star game elections.

Bottom left card features game-used batting glove and is limited to a production run of only 16 copies.

Both top cards are limited to one copy produced (1/1). Middle right sketch card is also limited to one copy (1/1). Middle left card and bottom card are both game-used button cards and are both limited to 5 copies. (/5)

These next couple cards below should be in my mailbox within the next week!

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Drew said...

It doesn't get more impressive than that. Well, unless he was wearing pinstripes.