Saturday, April 7, 2012

2008 Topps Chrome hobby box

Well, I got off of work today, and decided to dig into some older chrome at the hobby store. I didn't really collect chrome in 2008, but now I have some! Anyways the box was $50, so I think that I pretty much made my money back. Here are the highlights...

Might as well get it started off with the highlighted rookies. Not too bad as far as rookies go!

Here are some of the more desirable base cards.

Here are the refractors I got in this box. I have to say that the Rollins refractor is probably the nicest.

These are all Topps trading card history insert cards. The Tulo and the Sabathia are the nicest I think.

These are the Mantle chrome inserts that I got. MMSC51-MMSC53 (odd that they were consecutive right? trust me, it gets better!)

Here are the chrome 50TH anniversary inserts. The Pujols and the Jeter both book about $5 a piece, from what I have seen in my priceguide.

This is where things started to get a little strange. You will notice I pulled 2 Daric Barton Topps News cards, each #d to 1959. One of them is # 61/1959 and the other is # 62/1959. A little strange I thought. But anyways, the serial numbers are from left to right. Starting with Rich Hill and ending with Jeff Clement. Hill (1188/1959) Daric Barton (61/1959) Daric Barton (62/1959) Maddux (74/559) Igawa (599/1959) Iwamura (324/1959) and last but not least Clement (89/559)

Two copper refractors. Ellsbury will NOT be for trade or sale. Both really pretty cards.

And finally my 2 autos.(Randy Wells, and Masahide Kobayashi) I was hoping more for that Clay Buchholz auto, but obviously that didn't happen. Im really happy with any auto so these were nice regardless. I dont really know either of these guys, so a helpful comment would be GREATLY appreciated! Anyways, if anybody would like to trade any of these cards just shoot me an email and I will get back to you ASAP! THANKS!

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