Friday, February 10, 2012

The Wal-Mart mishap - Autograph -

2 years ago, I was in Wal-Mart walking over to the card aisle. I rounded the corner, and opened packs were everywhere. Cards all over the floor. The man looked up from the packs he was opening and turned, he ran out of the store. The cashier a lane down saw what had happened and started to help me clean up the cards off the ground. She also called security to get the guy who had just ripped off an entire box of 2010 Bowman baseball. (or tried) The cards had fallen all over the floor when he ran. I knelt down to start picking up the cards, and I saw a glint of an Autograph sticker shine at my eyes. My hands went straight past all the other cards on the ground, straight to what I thought was an Autograph. I picked it out, and the lady had obviously noticed I was admiring it. When I was done helping her pick up all the cards, I still had the autograph in my hand. It was a 2010 Bowman Dusty Coleman Autograph. She told me, that since I had helped her clean up all the cards that had been scattered all over the floor, I could take the Autograph card if I wanted it. Obviously I didn't resist taking it, the Dusty Coleman Bowman Prospects Autograph card.

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William Regenthal said...

That's a cool story and it was nice of you to help her clean them up. I have my own opinion of those guys who open packs in stores and also, as someone who worked at a card shop, I also have some feelings about pack searchers and people who sell 'hot packs.' I think it takes away from kids who shop in the retail establishments who buy packs for fun; hoping they pull something good. For the longest time, I wouldn't buy cards from Target or Wal mart unless they were in blaster boxes.