Monday, July 30, 2012

Some serious vacation MOJO.

Wow, where to start on this post...I guess I will start it off by saying that I was just out west on vacation. Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico (Only because of Four Corners Park), and Utah were ALL states that my family and I visited. We hit just about every single National park along the way. Yes, that means Grand Canyon, Zion, and Bryce, among AMAZING others as well. These long drives through states were terribly boring, so I came up with a way to spice them up. I pulled out the Iphone, and figured out that you could pretty much gaurantee that there was a Wal-mart in every other 2 towns you drove through. Most of these towns were run down (but beautiful in a way), and probably had a grand total of no more than 50-75 residents a piece. (For some towns, that's being generous!) So basically, there was no one who cared about the cards at Wal-mart, let alone, could afford them. So I couldn't resist the urge to look at just about every other Wal-mart we passed driving through these towns. I did, and came up with a surprising amount of hits. Anything ranging from Ginter, to Topps series 1 and 2, all the way to Topps Archives. I found it all, and for sure, I hit it BIG. I will also let you know that these cards that I looked through were UNTOUCHED. I found unopened boxes of single packs from 2008 series 1 baseball, all the way to 2006 Topps! The dust had been accumulating on many of the cards and packs for years, so I guess you could say, I got dirty. :) Anyways, I will start to show you what inserts I pulled in all of the packs I bought. I will start with series 1 and 2 Topps, and work my way through the rest of the relics and pruducts. (This is a long post! So please allow a bit of time to read)

Let's start with Yu Darvish...

Three Yu Darvish base cards...Can't really complain! I would be willing to trade for a Harper card, if anybody would like to. Just let me know if this is of any interest to any of YU bloggers. lol

Golden Moments inserts.

From left to right, top to bottom...Granderson, Bench, Gwynn, O'neill, Jones, Kershaw, Cano, Schmidt, and last but not least, Lincecum.

Topps Cut Above inserts.

From left to right, Cal Ripken Jr., Jackie Robinson, and Ken Griffey Jr.

Golden Greats inserts.

From left to right, DiMaggio, Koufax, Aaron.

Gold Futures inserts.

From left to right, Heyward, Kipnis, Trout

Gold Standard inserts.

From top to bottom, Gibson, Banks, DiMaggio.

1987 mini card inserts.

From left to right, top to bottom, Berkman, Phillips, Gibson (SP??), Latos, and Upton.
Does anybody know if this Gibson is a short print of the insert? I wasn't sure...

Career Day inserts.

From top to bottom, Cano, and Kemp.

Gold Foil Base Card Parallels.

From left to right, top to bottom, Texas Rangers, Cabrera, Earned Run Average Leaders, Davis, Morrison, and Dunn.

Now for the Golden Moments Relic Cards.

From left to right, top to bottom, Brian McCann, Ryan Zimmerman, Daniel Descalso, and Carlos Zambrano...

More Relics...

From left to right, top to bottom, Starlin Castro (Pinstripe!), Angel Pagan, Alex Avila, and Alex Avila. (Alex Avila relics are from series 1 and 2 Topps, that's why they are different.)

More Relics...

These were definitely the better Golden Moments relics. The Wade Boggs is without a doubt my favorite!
From top to bottom, Sabathia, Ortiz, and Wade Boggs (HOF relic!).

Now for the Topps Archives.

Topps 3D inserts.

Mickey Mantle, and Chase Utley. The Mantle is an especially nice card here!

Topps Archives Relic cards

Orlando Cepeda (HOF relic!), and Ryan Zimmerman! I love both of these cards to death! Especially the Cepeda! I'll take a Hall Of Fame relic card out of retail anyday. The Zimmerman isn't bad either!

Now for the LUCKY pack of 2012 Topps Allen and Ginter.

The pack...

From left to right, top to bottom, Baseball Highlight Sketches Ryan Braun, Whats in a Name insert Mickey Mantle, Salty base card, A-Rod base card, and a crack the code ad card...

Now you may wonder what was so lucky about this pack...Well first off, it was the last single pack of 2012 Ginter at that Particular store, Secondly, there was a SWEET mini card inside of it!

Check it out...

Still Don't see it? Here, maybe this will help :)

What can I say? My luck was unbelievable on this trip! What a sick card to pull though. Especially out of retail! Of course, as luck would have it, this is a pack I decided not to videotape. :(

Moving on now to 2012 Bowman Platinum! (rackpack)

I just bought this because it's the first I have seen of this product, NOT because I thought it was a hotpack.

With that being said, I did not pull a relic out of this. But still some nice looking cards!

The Gary Sanchez is a refractor, as are the retail exclusive purple cards. The base (color) variations are especially nice though. The Jay Bruce Emerald variation is very eye-catching.

Now for the final hotpack that I found.

2011 Topps series 2.


Banks, Crowe Diamond base variation, and a Topps 60 insert of Brian McCann.

Whitey ford mini. Pretty nice mini card to pull out of this product.

Found some nice shortprints too!

Domonic Brown Sparkle card! This is my first sparkle card out of all the 2011 Topps I bought last year. So nice card :)

The sparkle.

And finally, this Roberto Alomar SP. Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't the Short Prints last year featuring Hall Of Famers? I'm 99% sure this is also a short print, so I'm happy.


One of the code cards I got redeemed me a Bob Gibson card!

Should I redeem it? I'm thinking yes...I got excited about this because it seems as though these redemption cards for the give away, seem to mostly be unlocking virtual rings, coins and whatnot. So an actual card that I can have sent to my house, is a change I am pleasantly happy with.

So that's about it guys! These were the cards that I pulled over vacation. Hope all you fellow bloggers enjoyed. If you would like, most of these cards were pulled ON camera, so you can visit my youtube channel to watch them. Just type in "baseball10182" and my videos should come up. Please leave me some comments, blog and youtube, and once again, PLEASE follow me if you aren't already! REMEMBER, you guys are the ones that keep this blog and youtube channel rolling! Thank you for reading, and the continued support. I appreciate it!

             - Scott


Superduperman99 said...

Sorry to burst your bubble, but that isn't a sparkle variation. Those are on all the 2011 Topps Dominic Brown base cards.

Joe Average Card Collector said...

some great cards, I love the Cepeda Heritage Relic!