Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Topps Customer service very reliable

Hey guys, just got some mail in today! Today found another package in the mail from Topps. This one comtained the REPLACED relic of Elvis Andrus! The original card looked like somebody had bent the card in HALF. And when I say in half, I mean in half. This was no packsearching mishap or something. This card was either screwed up in packaging, or chewed up while it was made. Anyways, I got two relic cards for sending that one in! (Look at post below to see what else Topps sent me for it. They sent me a pack while they had the Andrus card, and in the pack was another relic!) Here is the replaced card.

As you can see, not a scratch, and NO bends! Awesome Topps! Another great experience with Topps customer service. Thanks!

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