Monday, June 18, 2012

some of my most recent notables from 2012 Topps baseball

Here you will find some of the nicer cards from 2012 Topps that I have pulled over the past month. I have bought from my Hobby shop, Target and Wal-mart. (If you are wondering, the Yu Darvish was pulled from a hobby jumbo.)

Here are two nice mound dominance inserts. (Top- Sandy Koufax.... Bottom- Dwight Gooden)

Some Golden Moments and Gold Standard inserts. I thought that the Tom Seaver and Hank Aaron Gold Standards were nice!

Some nice Gold Futures inserts. The Drew Pomeranz is a nice one.

Here are three gold foil inserts. I thought these were a nice insert for Topps cards this year. It really brightens up the packs!
Possibly one of the more desirable gold foil inserts? I think yes! Very nice card from top to bottom!

Nice looking relic card I pulled out of a pack from Target. (A.J. Burnett)

And here are two randoms that I thought were nice from the product as well. Im not a HUGE fan of diecut cards but I must say that the Willie Mays is a very nice card. The Blue bordered Wal-mart exclusive Corey Hart, is also a nice insert.

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