Monday, February 18, 2013

Some random cards from random packs...

While I have been busy lately, the card buying has not ceased, in fact it has been in full swing! These are cards from 2012 update series, 2012 Topps Bowman Platinum and various other cards...Enjoy!

This Jean Segura blue refractor I pulled from a Hobby pack...Good luck trying to pull it retail!
This Tyler Matzek green refractor I pulled retail out of one of those silly rack packs. Pretty nice card to pull out of Bowman Platinum.
This Liam Hendricks was also pulled from a Hobby pack. From 2010 Bowman Chrome if I recall correctly. He was projected to be a pretty good prospect, but he doesn't seem to be making a huge impact in the majors thus far...Still, a very fine blue refractor.
These two relic cards were pulled retail out of Hanger boxes I believe. The Robinson Cano is ehh being a Red Sox fan, but the Miguel Cabrera is pretty neat seeing as he won the Triple Crown in 2012.
So again, I hope you all are enjoying the updates. I know I have even more cool stuff to show off. So like I had said, stick around and try to be the first to see it! This may the last post of the evening, but I will try to post tonight on 2013 Topps baseball and the 1/1 Mike Trout I pulled, but again no promises! There is no telling what will pop up preventing me from posting, because something always has a way of presenting itself AS I sit down to post...Well  until then, see ya! 

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